Company Fun Days

Gable Events It’s a knockout provides a superb centerpiece for a company fun day. By pre-arranging teams, staff are guaranteed to attend on the day and the its a knockout itself provides a great spectacle for colleagues, friends and invited guests.

At a company fun day the it’s a knockout is usually complemented by a range of corporate entertainments from sidestalls and funfair to fireworks, depending on the size of the event.

Caterers may also be brought in on a cash or pre-paid basis and, depending on the venue, additional infrastructure may also be required such as marquee and toilets.

At Gable Events we are happy to arrange the whole event for you, providing a dedicated event manager to ensure its success, or we can just run the it’s a knockout as required. No event is too big or too small and we will work closely with you to ensure your event meets your requirements and budget. Using our extensive experience we can also recommend a venue to suit you or bring the its a knockout to the venue of your choice.