Outdoor Team Building Events – How It’s a Knockout Works

It’s a Knockout and It’s a Wipeout Teams
Teams should ideally be mixed and made up of between six and 10 people. The games for this outdoor team building event have been designed so that all abilities can enjoy them including supporting non-physical roles and no one is forced to take part in games if they do not wish to. A towel and change of clothes is recommended, as you will get wet – it’s all part of the fun!

Its a Knockout and It’s a Wipeout Games
All games are relay based in which one or two people perform a task at a time. For example, you may have to cross an inflatable to retrieve giant jigsaw pieces. The team who completes the jigsaw first wins. In all games the whole team takes part and co-ordination and co-operation are essential. The Show lasts approximately two and a half hours and we run 2, 3, 4, 6 or 8 games at a time depending on the number of teams entered. Each team will participate in each game once.

Although the games are designed to be fun, we take safety seriously at all of our outdoor team building events. Participants are asked to be aware of our safety and entry rules and guidelines and to consult our professional emergency medical technician about any old injury concerns. Gable Events carry £5m public liability insurance, provide a full risk assessment and two trained staff run each game to ensure it is smooth running and safe.

It’s a Knockout/It’s a Wipeout Arena
The Games Arena is a roped off area approx the size of a small soccer pitch. Only participants in the Its A Knockout may enter the arena and care should be taken as inflatables and/or props are used for all games. Participants are asked to keep off the inflatables unless they are actively taking part in the game.

40 points are awarded for a win on each game with 30 for a draw and even 20 for losing. It doesn’t matter to us who wins at this outdoor team building event, we are impartial and score fairly. Our aim is to ensure that everyone enjoys themselves and has a good time. Oh, and by the way, we also take points off for cheating!

Playing Your Joker
You can choose one game to play your joker on before the game commences. This doubles your points on that game. You simply tell the referee before your chosen game starts.

Extra Points
Extra points are often awarded for the best-dressed team, best joker, best behaved team and the team raising the most money if it is a charity event.

Lots and Lots of Fun!
The main emphasis of the day is fun so you should make sure you are in good voice and ready to cheer on your team. Why not enter into the true spirit and come in fancy dress…..remember those extra points! There are also points off for grumpy faces! Good Luck and Welcome to the Show – we aim to make it the best outdoor team building event you have ever had!