Corporate Team Building Games – It’s a Knockout Games List

Below is a selection of our corporate team building games for Its a Knockout and It’s a Wipeout events, including some brand new ones for 2020. Our it’s a knockouts combine a mix of costume, inflatable and relay games, designed to involve the whole team and provide the maximum variety, excitement and fun!

games-list-16BANANA DASH 28’ x 23’ x 10’ Get ready to go bananas on this exciting new inflatable relay game! One member of each team must wrestle their way through the long grass in order to attach a banana to the 8ft palm tree. The winning team will be the ‘gorillas’ with the most bananas on the tree at the end of the game.

DINGHY DERBY 30’ x 18’ x 30′ Fancy a relaxing paddle on the river? Then this inflatable game probably isn’t for you! Teams must battle it out by pulling their team members up the ‘river’ whilst being sure to collect the coloured balls along the way!


BUILD A BURGER 50′ x 12′ Create the ultimate burger, only this one you wont want to eat! Race your opposition to collect the lettuce, cheese and tomato, with two of your team members dressed in our burger bun costumes. You must assist the final bun through our obstacle course to complete a perfect burger and take the points!

GIANT TUBES – 10’ x 18’ x 30’ There’s water and foam aplenty in this amazing game of speed and slippery action. A relay based sprint where, working in pairs and carrying a giant skittle, you will have to squeeze through the tunnels in a break for freedom! The team that completes the most laps is the winner.

COMBAT ZONES 9′ x 25’ x 20’ Catapult to victory using our uniquely designed bungee mechanism that will fire water-soaked sponges to your waiting colleagues. Team members must catch and collect as many as possible within the time limit. The giant inflatable castle surround makes this game extremely visual and great fun!

THE CHICKEN RUN 25’ x 10’ It’s laying time at the farm…. Your team have to assist the Giant Chicken in collecting as many eggs as possible from the chicken coop. It’s no easy task with giant wings and straw bales to tackle along the way. One of our favourite costume games!

STEPPING TO SUCCESS! 30’ x 18’ x 6’ A relay where rival teams cross the inflatable stepping stones, taking care not to trip up on the way. Why so careful? Because you will be wearing helmets with containers of water on top! Once across, team mates must work together to fill their measuring cylinder and collect the most liquid!

SKI CRAZY 25’ x 10’ Backwards and forwards at the same time on our specially modified skis makes our slalom course all the more fun. This It’s a knockout relay game is designed to test your team working to the limit, especially as you have to travel back to the start in our tricky roller! A classic corporate team building game.

PINBALL WIZARD 10’ x 18’ x 30’ You’ll be flipped and spun by the time you’ve played this giant its a knockout inflatable pinball game. After squeezing through the flippers and bashers you will need balance and speed as you race with the gigantic pinball through the inflatable machine! A corporate team building game like no other!

games-list-11HUMAN DEMOLITION 30’ x 30’ x 15’ This 4-podium its a knockout inflatable game really does test balance, skill and strength. With this ultimate combat challenge, the oversized wrecking ball is your only weapon. Members from each team go head to head, with the winners the team who have devastated the opposition the most.

games-list-14BASKETBALL SHOOTOUT 16′ x 12′ Not quite as straightforward as it looks! With teams lined up, the ball must pass under and over all the team members before the one at the front shoots at the hoop then runs to the back of the line for it all to start again. The team with the highest number of baskets at the end of the time limit wins.

HUMAN WASHING MACHINE 20’ x 10’ x 9’ If you see showering as an inefficient process you will be delighted to play our Human Washing Machine it’s a knockout inflatable game. Be the first to retrieve ten balls of the correct colour from the foamy lather and you will see your team to victory!